The Most Powerful Business Solutions in Google Search

From SMEs to big multinationals, ERP systems and Business Solutions in general, are a key piece in the successful development of a business. We have analysed the SERPs and found the most powerful and popular Solutions and ERPs in Google Search. For our analysis we have used Ahref’s database to pull data for estimated traffic, ranking keywords and links.

The table below contains an overview of how strong these brands are worldwide, using estimated traffic, ranking keywords and links information from the multiple markets they have visibility for.

At the present time, Oracle&Netsuite tag-team is dominating the organic search markets in most countries, with an estimated traffic which is several times above its following contestant SAP. However, there is room for opportunity and competitors are winning market share over time. With different brands pushing not only in the US market but in some other key regional markets like India.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of each brand and their most important markets and approach for International SEO.


Oracle and Netsuite joined forces back in 2016, and they are dominating the industry from an organic search point of view. Their joined traffic levels are several times their competitors’, achieving an amazing level of visibility across most of the available geo-markets. The table below details some key data from their Top 5 Markets.

Their approach to international SEO targeting is a mix of ccTLD and Subfolders, where some markets are targeted using specific domains and some others through sites hosted in subfolders within the main domain. Using the power of Oracle’s brand while building a strong brand profile for Netsuite too is working really well, and so they are leading most of the markets they are serving. Their link building strategy is mostly based on digital PR, using creativity to score links on different authoritative websites, like this article from The UK newspaper The Telegraph for their UK domain.


SAP Technology Solutions are also well positioned across their multiple markets, the table below details estimated traffic and ranking keywords for SAP’s top five performing countries.

From a technical SEO point of view their strategy is based in using subfolders to target different target markets, for example, to target the UK English speaking users or for Canada French Speakers. For some countries where they don’t seem to have a focus, they use a regional website version, for example, to group countries like Argentina or Colombia.

Links-wise, they obviously have a good number of quality links from events and sponsorships they take part, but they also include Digital PR tactics like this article about Industry 4.0 for their UK site.


Sage is the third most powerful Business Solution in Google Search, they are visible across multiple markets with the UK and the USA as top locations. It seems though that SAP is closer to catch up with Sage’s “market share” in the UK than Sage with SAP in the US market.

From a project structure point of view, Sage’s strategy for international SEO is based in subfolders with country-specific websites under URLs like (Spain).

Their Outreach strategy is very similar to Oracle and SAP, using marketing efforts like events to generate links, but with more limited use of digital PR.


Odoo is one of the rising contestants in the industry’s international space, and their services cover most business areas from sales and operations to website solutions.

Their approach to website structure for international targeting is also subfolders, and their links strategy is supported by their products’ nature. The open-source development model of Odoo, although they have a paid model too, has generated a community around the brand which generates links from many different sources but in a very natural way, see for example this link at The Guardian or this other link at Hubspot.

A more consistent digital PR campaign towards their paid model services would possibly enhance this side of the business.


Microsoft Dynamics holds the fifth position in our ranking. With a global estimated traffic which is 64% below Odoo’s numbers, this giant’s business solution project is hosted under a subdomain “”, and their top markets are detailed below.

Their website structure of choice is also subfolders, which is, in my opinion, the most cost-efficient way to target different countries and languages, and in terms of links they obviously take advantage of their strong brand presence, which naturally generates links from a good number of quality sites, is not seldom finding their ERP included in most posts about software lists, like this example about CRMs for Banking.


Epicor is a classic in the ERP industry and has been servicing businesses for over 3 decades. The most important market for Epicor in terms of visibility is The US. Their estimated traffic from other top countries in terms of estimated traffic is, in fact, far below their most important market.

Their chosen structure to target different languages and countries is subfolders as most of the competition. They use similar marketing tactics to other competitors, which allow them to earn links naturally from such marketing actions. An example of this would be links generated from events and webinars they take part. Digital PR is part of their strategy too, with numerous articles across relevant websites, like this example about the M&A sector.


Acumatica is another well-known ERP software. Their current focus and approach leave their website almost at the bottom of the list. The US is their most important market in terms of visibility, however, they have some residual visibility in other locations such as India, Philippines and Canada.

Their approach to international website structure is simple, they don’t have one, and only English content is available under the top domain. Obviously, they rely on partnerships to sell their products and services, however, developing a structure to cover their most important target markets, like the UK, would positively contribute towards brand visibility and sales. On the links side, and in addition to links generated from events and other marketing actions, they are working on Digital PR and earning links from different media (example here).


Syspro is currently showing the lowest levels of estimated traffic and visibility, possibly due to their focus on the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors, which obviously limits potential traffic levels compared with other websites offering products and services suitable for many different sectors.

They use a different approach in terms of structure when it comes to targeting different markets, while most of the competition focuses on subfolders, they are using subdomains instead, which is a good option too, but possibly not as efficient as subfolders, as we explain in our International Technical SEO Guide. Additionally, their geo-targeting is not as granular, and this makes more difficult to compete in specific locations where competitors have dedicated resources (websites for specific countries). Their link building strategy, in line with competitors, consists of a combination of marketing and digital PR which generate links (see example here).

How can my company possibly compete with these websites?

If you run an ERP or business solution software company targeting multiple international markets, or want to start one, don’t worry, it is still possible to get a slice of the cake in search results. The key to success lays in nailing your SEO Strategy towards your customers micro-moments and interests. In our International SEO content hub, you will find more information about this process. But if you think you need further assistance to build and run a successful international campaign for your ERP business, feel free to contact us using the form below or by email.

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