Key Takeaways

International link building strategies need to set a target audience, the different search personas included in your audience are the cornerstone of your plan. They will determine the success of the different techniques implemented to win links across multiple local markets.

In order to gain links from websites on your destination markets, you need to build relationships with editors and journalists and have assets of interest for users and publications present on those markets.

What is International Link Building?

International link building is how businesses targeting global markets, develop digital outreach techniques to achieve authority and visibility in such target markets. The process consists of crafting a targeted outreach campaign focused on websites and publications, where their buying personas spend time researching products and services. As a result, many authoritative websites from the destination market will point to your business’ website, increasing its rankings and traffic.

How to Build Links for International SEO?

Building links with an international scope requires developing an outreach strategy on each target market. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the different search personas who will shape your audience in those target countries and their interests.

Therefore, the first step on your strategy to build links on multiple geographical markets is analysing your audience and finding sites where your search personas will spend time (interests).

Once you have a clear picture of who is who on each local audience, you can start working on the different techniques to build links. The most common methods for international and multilingual link building campaigns are:

1.Digital PR

Researching publications and media most likely to include your buying personas in their audience, and building relationships with journalists from those websites is very important. Professional link builders use tools like Buzzstream to gather information about potential websites and contacts, but remember that this will only work if you have previously completed an audience analysis to determine who your search personas are in the destination market.

It’s also very important having in mind the numerous pitches the editors at those websites may be receiving every day. Hence you need to work on your pitching skills, in this link you’ll find an excellent article about how to write a pitch.

2.Mentions from other marketing efforts

This is one of the best ways to improve your ROAS digital marketing, so ideally, you should train your marketing team on digital outreach best practices to guarantee link building is included in your different marketing projects across different countries. Meaning they will understand why it is important to ask for a link beforehand on content pieces like events and interviews your company will be involved.

However, if this is not the case and you have already invested in other marketing efforts for your campaign, like Interviews on different publications or events in which your company has taken part. You can still easily make mentions on digital publications about events and interviews become a link. For example, if you have been recently interviewed, why not try to ask the editor for a link to your website, improving user experience on the article giving readers the opportunity of clicking on your brands’ mention in the article to visit the site and learn more.

2.Investigate competitors

Another source of link building ideas for the different countries you are targeting is checking what your competitors in that local market are doing. Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush will let you compare link profiles for different domains and find common patterns. This can also lead to finding broken links pointing to your competitors, links for which you can probably write a new piece to then pitch such pieces to those websites as a substitution of the deleted resources in your competitors’ websites.

3.Creating valuable assets and resources. What content will gain you most links?

Crafting valuable content assets, such as research pieces, how to’s, guides, interesting infographics and other digital and interactive media hosted on your website, will make you earn a good number of quality links. Good content assets built for this purpose act as link magnets.

You need to check what kind of content is more willing to get you links, and for this again, research is fundamental. Check what type of assets are working well for other brands in your industry, and generate a list of potential formats and pieces your audience would be interested in.

If you wish to learn more and dig deeper into SEO for international brands, keep surfing our website. We have everything you need to get a clearer picture of this topic and how it can help your business. If you have specific questions though, feel free to send us a message using the form below or emailing our Search Director, Joaquin Morales at [email protected].

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