Key Takeaways:

International Technical SEO ensures your websites achieve the best possible status in terms of crawling and indexing across the different country-language search results involved in your strategy. Making it easier for both search engines and users to process and navigate through the website, has a positive impact not only on traffic from the different target markets, but more importantly, on conversions from the different search personas associated to those target markets.

Do I Need a Site for Each Country?

If you mean if having different language-location versions of your content it’s required, the short answer is yes. The reason for creating an international strategy is to improve global presence and convert as much as possible on each market, and having alternative versions of your website for such specific markets will increase your chances for success.

What Domain to Have – ccTLD or gTLD?

If your strategy requires targeting specific countries, then ccTLDs are a good option for further developing specific geo-targeting. However, this approach is costly compared to using a gTLD and hosting different website versions in it. In general, using gTLDs is more cost-effective.

Subfolders, Subdomains or Domains which option is better?

Subfolders are usually the best option for international projects in terms of ROAS (return in advertising), the reasons are:

  1. The Authority from the main website hosted on the first level is inherited by the sites hosted in subfolders in the same domain, making the investment on link building more cost-effective.
  2. It’s generally easier to manage different websites hosted on subfolders, and basically, keep control of these websites.
  3. The Internal link structure is also easier to operate towards driving authority to specific sections within the different websites.

What Website Frameworks are better for International SEO?

When choosing a framework for your international project, you need to pay special attention to how easy the selected framework would make crawling and indexing for search engines. The limitations on page experience implementations offered by each option you are considering. And how customizable markup would be from the CMS. Ideally, you should have the option to manually edit items like titles, meta descriptions, structure data and hreflang.

JavaScript frameworks don’t usually make things easier, however, the most common JS frameworks like Angular and React, offer different possibilities to help with SEO related markup.

Usually, the best option for small/medium websites and startups is using WordPress during the initial years of the project and then, consider other alternatives on the back of potential return that other frameworks could deliver for the specifics of the project.

Is Autotranslate content a good option for international SEO?

The purpose of having multiple websites for specific search personas on destination markets, is to deliver specific content for such different users and craft the best possible content strategy targeting-wise. Autotranslating content usually performs poorly in terms of conversion, because the translating technology can not compete with the detail and understanding, a native speaker would have of the use of the language and the slang, under specific circumstances and towards delivering our message for such a specific target persona.

What is Language-Country markup?

Processing multiple language-country combinations, to deliver the right result to users can be challenging, this is why you need to include Hreflang notation to tell Google about localized versions of your page. These tags detail the multiple page versions in your multiple websites, and how they relate to each other.

How to ensure we are correctly targeting users in different countries?

To make sure your multiple websites are delivering the right version of the content to the different users across the globe, you need to put in place a monitoring process. Similarly to how we Checked the Current Visibility during our market research stage, we can go to Search Console and Google Analytics to discover if our language-country specific contents are actually receiving traffic from the right users.

Can international competitors harm my Google rankings?

Especially when brands go to compete under an international scenario, brand protection becomes crucial. Is not seldom finding artificial links generated by competitors, intended to practice some SEO bowling to increase their slice in the search engine pie. In order to protect your business, you need to keep track of the links pointing out to your website every month, as detailed in our Negative SEO Guide for international brands.

If you want to learn more about international SEO, on our site you will find articles and FAQs created to help you get a better idea about how it works. However, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact us either using the form below or emailing our Search Director Joaquin Morales at [email protected]

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